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Raúl Notario

Editorial staff


He is currently sports director at the University Alfonso X el Sabio, where he combines his functions with the operations management of UAX Rafa Nadal School of Sport. He is a regular contributor to magazines such as Sportlife, Triathlon, Corredor..., where he demonstrates his knowledge about the world of fitness, physical activity and health. He has a degree in Sports Science along with a master's degree in Physical Activity and Health, specializing in the treatment of injuries, physical activity for health and nutrition for athletes.

Artículos publicados

  • Take care of yourself like a pro: the importance of sports training and nutrition

    New year and new resolutions, especially sporting ones. We want to get hooked on sports again or we want to take a step further and start demanding something more from ourselves.Many times, people are of extremes: either we do nothing or we want to do it like the elite athletes. But to what extent is it harmful to try to replicate the daily routines of elite athletes if we are not?On many occasions, when we set out to improve our appearance, physical shape or performance, we are inspired by......

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  • High-intensity routines, the true story of the Tabata method

    High-intensity routines are all the rage. In the last decade they have always been positioned within the lists of fitness trends and if we consider the benefits that are achieved by enhancing them, it is not surprising. But what is the reality of these routines? Are we really doing HIIT? Where do these workouts come from? The creator of this method was the scientist Izumi Tabata and it was originally designed to improve the aerobic capacity of the Japanese speed skating team. The study consisted of cycling training......

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