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Geles energéticos para deportistas NDL Pro-Health

Energy Gels

Due to their composition, the energy gels provide you with immediate extra energy during your workout,
thanks to their rapid absorption and proper hydration.

In addition, NDL Pro-Health sports gels prolong exercise performance during a period of intense and continuous effort. These gels can be caffeinated or non-caffeinated, offering different benefits depending on your needs.

Caffeinated energy gels provide a quick energy boost and help improve mental focus. Caffeine acts as a stimulant, helping to increase endurance and reduce the perception of effort during intense exercise.

On the other hand, the caffeine-free cola-flavored energy gel is the right choice for those who are sensitive to the stimulant effects of caffeine. Ideal for maintaining optimal energy levels during prolonged exercise.

How to choose your energy gel?

In addition to the goals of optimal hydration and immediate energy boost, NDL Pro-Health Hydro Energy Gel with Caffeine helps you increase concentration during exercise.

NDL Pro-Health Hydro Energy Gel is indicated to maintain stable and long-lasting energy.

Benefits of energy gels for athletes

Energy gels are a must-have for many athletes and exercise enthusiasts, providing a concentrated source of rapidly absorbed energy. These gels are designed to provide easily digestible carbohydrates, which are quickly converted into usable energy by the body during intense physical activities. One of the main benefits of energy gels is their convenience. They are easy to carry and consume, making them ideal for carrying during long workouts or competitions. In addition, their compact and lightweight format makes them a practical option for maintaining high energy levels anytime, anywhere. The main benefits of consuming these energy gels are: Immediate energy supply.

  • Fast absorption.

  • Replacement of electrolytes and mineral salts.

  • Increased concentration.

In summary, energy gels are a fundamental tool for optimizing sports performance by providing a fast and convenient source of energy, helping to prevent fatigue and maintain hydration and electrolyte balance during intense exercise.

NDL Pro-Health Hydro Energy Gel restores sustained energy intake thanks to the combination of carbohydrates and zinc.

cuando tomar

When to take your energy gel?

Knowing when to take energy gels is crucial to maximize their effectiveness and get the best results during exercise. These gels are designed to provide a quick energy boost during times of high physical demand, such as intense workouts or prolonged competitions. The key to getting the most out of energy gels is to consume them strategically, usually during periods of prolonged exercise or when an increase in exertion intensity is anticipated. This can include times such as:

1)Before exercise:Consuming an energy gel about 15-30 minutes before the start of exercise can help increase the levels of energy available to the body and prepare it for physical exertion.

2)During exercise: During long duration or high intensity activities, consuming energy gels every 45-60 minutes can help maintain optimal energy levels and delay muscle fatigue. It is important to accompany each gel with water to facilitate its absorption and avoid gastrointestinal problems.

3)At critical times: During competitions or intense workouts, such as final sprints or steep climbs, consuming an energy gel can provide an extra boost to maintain performance and overcome fatigue.

In summary, taking energy gels at the right times can help optimize athletic performance by providing a quick and convenient source of energy when it is needed most.

Customer reviews


I used it in an American tennis tournament with many matches in 15-20 minute intervals and with half a gel I received the extra I needed when I had been playing for a couple of hours. Highly recommended.

A. Rodríguez

I bought a unit to test and it is a very good product. It gives you a plus to finish your tennis training with a lot of energy! I will buy again


I go out to run because I am preparing the half marathon in Madrid in April and the feeling can not be better because with Caffeine gives me a very interesting boost in that moment of "Pájara" and especially because it is quickly absorbed and as you recover the pace quickly. Very pleasant flavor.


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