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Rafa Nadal and Cantabria Labs
have jointly created NDL Pro-Health

NDL Pro-Health is a range of food supplements that is suitable for anyone who wishes to build a routine of healthy habits in their lives, to prolong their physical and mental plenitude.

Each product involves a careful process to find the most appropriate and balanced formula at all times, harnessing the sports expertise of Rafa Nadal and the Cantabria Labs scientists.


Why do we need dietary supplements?

Both professional athletes and amateur athletes need to follow a balanced diet that provides adequate amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and micronutrients, which will vary from one person to another (depending on age, sex, body mass, etc.), as well as the intensity and type of physical activity, and even external factors such as the weather.

While plenitude is obtained with food and exercise, sometimes we need to take a supplement to be able to strengthen and enjoy all the things we like to do both when playing our favourite sports as well as when dealing with the hustle and bustle of life.

NDL Pro-Health wishes to inspire you to find your plenitude

“I don't think things change on their own. You have to make them change.”

– Rafa Nadal

“Success is not victory, but rather everything you have fought to win.”

– Rafa Nadal